Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Christmas Fluffy Dog

Christmas has come and gone and I'm sure that Charlie is just relieved NOT to be wearing either his antler headband, antler hat with a red nose or his favorite. . .his Santa suit!  He was NOT a fan!!  Getting a picture of him in any of these items was practically IMPOSSIBLE, but watching him get this stuff off, made it so worthwhile!!

So, as I mentioned, Avalon got adopted this past Sunday and both Charlie (Charleston) and Maddie were both so sad and quiet for several days!  I was surprised to see them so melancholy!  Finally after a few days, Charlie decided enough was enough and took on the rambunctious, rowdy role of Avalon!  He's been running around making Maddie crazy and now he's decided that my cat, Clay Matthews, is going to be his new buddy! Clay is ALL OVER that!  Finally someone new to  play with!  So once again, all is well!

Charlie with his floppy antlers hat with a Rudolph nose
Charlie with his perky antlers headband

Charlie in his Santa suit
How adorable is this puppy!!!!!
Getting the Santa outfit off. . .First, the get away. . .

Second, pulling over his head

Third, trying to shake it off!

Charlie and Maddie after a long Christmas morning!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

And Then There Was One. . .

It's funny how life goes by everyday with your fluffy dogs, and then one day you open your email and see that there's an application for one of them!  My heart skips a beat every time!  I'm struck with a feeling of 'oh no!!'. . .immediately followed by a 'Yay!!!'  This afternoon, our sweet little Avalon went home with her furever mom and dad, Heidi and Tyler.  It's so rewarding to watch new families bond with there new pet! I could tell that they will do a great job keeping our girl happy, loved and safe!! Another mission accomplished and just in time for Christmas!!

So for now, it's just Charlie (Charleston).  Which is good, because we need to work on his potty training! He's almost there. . .but not quite!  It doesn't help that he isn't a huge fan of the snow or that he's a mama's boy and just stares at me through the glass!! lol  But he's a smart boy, and some 'one on one' time just might be what he needs!

A couple of days ago, my (wonderful) husband put up a snow fence for the dogs (and me), so they could just run outside instead of going out on their leashes. . .which were ALWAYS a tangled mess!! What a God send!  We are all LOVING it!!  I just open the door and out they go!  Today it was just to funny! The snow was so deep and they were all like. . .WTH???  I finally had to go out and shovel them a path so they didn't feel so overwhelmed by it.  Of course, it wasn't long before Avalon was diving into the deep snow!  I'll be curious to see how tomorrow goes without Avalon there.  She was the snow bunny, and the one to actually get Charlie and Maddie off the porch!

It's late and I think my buddy Charlie is trying to tell me it's time to sign off. . .he keeps trying to help me type, which isn't a help!! lol

Merry Christmas to all, if I don't write before then!!!

Avalon with her new mom and dad. . .Heidi and Tyler!

Charlie (Charleston) and Avalon

Darn, this snow is DEEP!!

Avalon lovin' the snow!!

Hi Mom!

Charlie helping me on the computer!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

They Passed the Toddler Test!!

December, is without a doubt, my busiest month of all!!!  Not just because of Christmas, but because it's the beginning of birthday season for my family!!  Add to that. . .I had my grandson, Noah, for a week!!  He's going to be 3 next month and VERY busy!!  He doesn't have a pet of his own, so he gets his fill when he comes to Grandma's!!  I have to admit, I was a little nervous about how it was all going to unfold. . .wondering how Avalon and Charlie were going to react to a toddler running around and how Noah was going to be around 2 new dogs for a week!  Without ANY exaggeration, my fluffy dog fosters were ANGELS!!  I can say, with NO apprehension, Avalon and Charlie will both be perfect pets for any family with or without children!  I just couldn't believe how good they were.  I could go on and on about how gentle and patient they were, but I'll spare you...but they were both so amazing.  No matter what Noah did. . .they rolled with it.  I'm so proud of them both!!  Did I mention that Noah's favorite thing to do was share his meals and snacks with them!  Yeah. . .I couldn't get him to stop and of course all 3 dogs immediately figured out that every time Noah ate. . .they would all eat as well!

So lets talk about the winter snow!!  Charlie is NOT a fan of the cold.  You can take the dog out of Alabama, but you can't take the Alabama out of  Charlie!!  He'll go out, do his thing, play if he must, but not for to long.  If he sees me through the door, he runs up and presses his face to glass with that "hey!! let me in!!" look.  Avalon, however, WooHoo. . . BRING ON THE SNOW!!!  She absolutely loves it!  I've got some great pictures of her burrowing her face in snow that just crack me up!

In closing, I will just say I love sharing our life with our fluffy dogs!  They have all brought me such joy.  And because of the lovely people who adopt them, from time to time I get to get a glimpse into their happy lives when they share their stories and pictures with me!
They are always together!

Who knew that dogs would enjoy cat toys!  Avalon playing with a toy mouse!!

She looks so regal :)

Awww. . .that face!

Charlie and Avalon playing in the snow

This one makes me laugh. . .she looks like a little monkey!

<3 Snow!!

Avalon?  Is that you????

Mom?  Are you opening the door so I can come in?

Pleeeeease can I come in if I keep looking cute???

What does she see down there??

Snow bunny

Picture perfect xo

Handsome boy!

Playing a friendly game of tug of war!

Noah and Charlie. . .I think Charlie wants to share Noah's snack!

How adorable is this. . .Buddies!! xo

First row seats to any food that may drop or be handed over!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Meet Charleston (Charlie)

Seems I just can't say no to an adorable fluffy dog rescue!  Meet Charlie, a 2 to 3 year old Lhasa Apso mix weighing in at 13 pounds!!  I had read his description and thought hmmmm. . .will he be a handful?  Will he be a good fit with my other pets?  But who could say no to that face and all of that hair!

I brought him home tonight and we walked around back to meet Maddie (my daughter's puggle) and Avalon who were outside playing.  A lot of sniffing, twirling, running and jumping ensued.  Once we got inside, Maddie and Avalon were thrilled to have a new friend and immediately welcomed him with more wrestling and playing! CHAOS!!  I was thrilled!  I'll say it again, rescue dogs make the best pets!!  So happy to be had, so grateful to be loved and so anxious to please!

Already feeling attached to my new fluffy dog and can't wait to get to know him better!  I can already see he's got a big personality and a lot of charm!

Charlie (Charleston)

Cute little bum!!!  Charlie is watching my cat, Clay (see his glowing eyes in the background)

Clay moves in closer with every picture I took of Charlie!1 lol

He's a handsome one!

He likes jumping up onto the fireplace hearth!
Had to add a cute one of Avalon!!

Sheldon's Furever Home

Mission accomplished!!  Our sweet little Sheldon was adopted yesterday!  His new mama, Linda, came to meet him yesterday and, of course, she fell in love!  Always so bitter sweet, and yet so heart warming to see them go to their furever homes!  We'll miss you Sheldon!! xo

Sheldon with his new mama, Linda!  We'll miss you xo

My Avalon Photo Shoot

I have to say. . .there is never a dull moment with Avalon. . .even as I write this, she is making her presence known. . .lick lick lick xoxo!  I just love how much spunk and personality she has.  She loves being in the middle of the action. . .which you will notice when you look at her pictures.  She loves to run and play but then, like a switch, she jumps up by us and just wants to snuggle.  My daughter has been sick for the past several days and she has been on 'Kathryn watch' the whole time. . .either lying on her or near her.  It's so sweet!!

Tonight Avalon (and Maddie) were introduced to our new foster...Charleston a/k/a Charlie (I'll blog about him a little later.  I need him to sit long enough to get some pix).  Anyway, the three of them have not stopped playing!!!  She gets along with everyone!!!  She's such a good girl!!

I have a few new pictures of Avalon that I think you'll enjoy!  Yes, a lot of them are of her sleeping, but sometimes that's when she does the funniest things!  She's quite the little character!

Tired Puppy Zzzzz....
This is how Avalon likes to sleep with (on) Maddie. . .who if you didn't notice, is under Avalon!
No lie, this how she fell asleep while Jay was holding her!!
Avalon sleeping on Maddie!
Avalon looking adorable in her sweater
lol. . .you'll notice that once again, Avalon just feels the need to sleep on top of Maddie and Sheldon!!
Kisses for Abby xo
On Comet, on Cupid, on Avalon!!