Saturday, March 29, 2014

You Are Approved to Adopt from Fluffy Dog Rescue!!

Another happy ending for our boy Saunders n/k/a Jaxson!!!  His new mama, Roxanne, was so patient!  Jax was scheduled for a procedure yesterday. . .so she had to wait an entire week to finally come and meet him! They're going to perfect for each other. . .I could tell that she's going to spoil her new Fluffy Dog!!  Good bye buddy. . .you found your new furever home!! xo

Jaxson and his new mom, Roxanne 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Just Some Fun Pix Before Saunders (Jaxson) Leaves. . . .

Abby & Saunders 

This is Maddie, Saunders and Giz sleeping either on or next to me!

Sound asleep in my arns!

Getting a paw massage from Daddy!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Shave and a Haircut. . .

What a difference a little TLC can make.  This is Saunder's "rescue" picture!  A little shampoo and a haircut showed off this little diamond in the ruff.  A little TLC at home, and he's already showing showing off his sweet, trusting and spunky personality!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Meet Saunders

No, he's not our butler!! lol  He's our newest foster. . .and he's a cutie!!!!  He was a little timid when I went to pick him up this afternoon, but after a warm snugly ride home, few fries on the way, and meeting some new buddies at home, no more shy guy for this Fluffy Dog!

It didn't take long for me to notice that Maddie (my daughter's puggle) had made a Love Connection!!!! She was IMMEDIATELY smitten!  For the first half hour the 3 dogs just ran around, circling each other, playing and sniffing. . .all of the usual getting to know you dog behavior (none of it bad or aggressive...yay!!)  But Maddie was going above and beyond. . .a little to eager!!  Finally, she is playing a hard to get! lol

Now this always makes me happy, as it would any pet owner. . .Saunders likes going outside to go potty!!! It's only been 5 hours, but no accidents in the house!  I just keep sending the 3 of them outside to go, which he always does!!!  It's GREAT!!  It only took 2 times before he realized he got a treat every time he went out and went potty!

I've taken a ton of pictures of Saunders already because he is SO darling.  His coat is so white, his face is so cute and has a most adorable swooshy tail. . .I just can't decide which ones to put up, so I'm going to put up most of them!!!  Enjoy! 


He looks like a little toy!

Getting some lovin' from Daddy and (literally) soaking up the sun!

Just looking cute!

He's hiding a bone

Chewing on a bone

Showing off the tail

Maddie FINALLY playing hard to get!!

That didn't take long!  Running to frig in case something falls out!

OMG. . .how cute is this!!!

That sweet little face!

So content. . .Z z z z z z 

Our Last Day With Wendy

It's been awhile since I blogged about Wendy because I knew she was going to be adopted.  She would have left me sooner, but she had surgery March 3rd to have a mammary tumor removed and then needed 10 days to recover.  It was about that long until we found out that her tumor was NOT cancer!!  Thank God! But that also meant that it was time for her to leave us!  I have to say I've NEVER had such a hard time saying good bye to one of my fosters!  It was really hard.  But like I always say, bittersweet. . .sweet being that Wendy has a furever home and Sandy and Russ have an awesome, sweet, adorable new family member!!!!  xo