Friday, December 26, 2014

Hello Gidget!

Gidget. . .I love her name. . .it reminds me of my mom and a show she used to watch back in the day!

It didn't take long for Gidget to make herself right at home, which was nice because I was pretty busy preparing for Christmas Eve!  She instantly attached herself to Maddie. . .maybe because they are around the same size or maybe just because Gizzy is a little to small and crabby for her liking!  My cats however, they must have had a hunch about this new gal.  Gidget likes to play and my kitties. . .not so much!  Gidget doesn't get that they don't like to be chased!  We're working on that though!

So after a few days with our new girl, I've noticed that she is still all puppy and just wants to play!  I don't have a fenced yard, so I took her to a dog park today and she LOVED it!  It was my hope to wear her out a bit and it worked!!!  She LOVES her toys and bones and when she finally decides to settle in, she prefers to lay next to me!  Gidget isn't a big snuggler. . .she prefers to get her rubs and licks on the go!  She likes to keep busy most of the time.

Gidget has done GREAT around the Christmas tree and presents!  She's had no interest of any it.  She was also fabulous around ALL of our company on Christmas Eve and enjoyed meeting everyone and all of the attention!  (She does enjoy a good belly rub!!)

I've taken some pictures of her amazing skin!  She has all of the beautiful markings of a Chinese Crested and then a light white coat from the Maltese mix.  She's really a unique and pretty dog!

Potty training is actually pretty good!!!  Gidget has actually only had a couple of accidents, but I always expect that the first couple of days!  But she LOVES going outside and staying outside, so it's been really easy to work with her!  The treat she gets when she comes in doesn't hurt the training process either!

Gidget has also done very well in her crate!  I put her in there every night (Giz & Maddie are also crated) and whenever I leave.  So far, no crying or barking while she's in there. . .I think maybe she just enjoys her down time while she's in there!!

My CLOSE up!

Just hanging out!

So cute!!

Christmas morning

Ok fine. . .I sit on your lap for a couple of minutes!

Fiona explaining to Gidget that cats DON'T like to be chased!

Giving Jay a quick lick! xoxo

Gizmo & Gidget Christmas night

Looking pretty in front of the tree

Gidgets gorgeous Chinese Crested markings on her back

All of her tummy markings. . .I just love them. . .so UNIQUE!

My puppy posse. . .Gizmo, Gidget & Maddie

This is my kitty Clay explaining to Gidget that he is as big as her and could probably 'take her'!!  lol

Gidget likes to be on my lap while I work

Gidget looking at me like. . .'What? You didn't call SAVED!'

She loves getting rubbed by dad

Gidget's first day at our house!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Christmas from Kendall

Christmas is right around the corner, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a Christmas photo shoot with Kendall!  My dogs are used to me making them get dressed up, but it's our foster dogs that make it waaaay more entertaining.  It was a two day process!  Yesterday, she was having no part of it, but today. . .I got smart and used treats to change her mind about wearing antlers, and it worked out pretty well.  (See photos below!)

So our tree is up and I have a mountain of presents under it! I'm happy to say that Kendall couldn't care less about either!  She's more interested in playing with her toys and stuffed animals to care about a tree and some presents!  Yay!!

Speaking of toys and stuffed animals. . .she LOVES them!  When I saw her with my slipper, I knew what I had to do! So I headed to Goodwill and rummaged through the stuffed animal bin looking for stuffed animals that didn't have plastic eyes or bean stuffing.  They're only .50 cents and you never have to worry about your slippers again.  (I keep all of the dogs toys in a basket on my fireplace hearth and they just go and grab whatever they want!  It works out great!!)

There are still times when I notice that Kendall is still a little skittish.  Not often, but she definitely doesn't like it when people reach for the top of her head.  She shows no aggression (EVER), but she just bends her head down like 'what the heck??'

My 3 1/2 year old grandson has been at my house for a week and Kendall has been awesome.  Actually, she's really not even interested in him.  That being said, she is very comfortable around my family!  She definitely likes to be by us, but she isn't much of a snuggler.  She wants to lay by us and be touching us, but doesn't need to be on our lap!

She is finally catching on to going potty outside!  It's been a steady and consistent work in progress!  But she is very motivated by treats!!  Seeing Maddie and Giz out side doing their business has helped a lot!

Also, I think I mentioned this before, but she still doesn't beg for food!  She can sit right next to me on the couch when I am eating something and she just lays there, completely uninterested!  It's shocking and awesome at the same time!!!

Kendall is still a little shy but SO very sweet.  You can tell she really likes feeling safe. I'm not sure why I feel like that, but there is something about her. . .you have to earn her trust and then she's just so comfortable and loving!

p.s.  I forgot to mention that she absolutely LOVES to have her belly scratched!!!

Giz consoling Kendall after our first attempt at Christmas pictures

This was the best picture from day one of our Christmas photo shoot! lol
Ahhhh. . .now this is more like it!  Day 2 went waaaay better!!

This one just cracks me up!!  Kendall and Maddie look like they are closing their eyes waiting for a special Christmas present!

It started out just being Kendall until Maddie and Giz noticed that there were treats involved!

Another good one!  

Day one's photo shoot. . .I have given up and Kendall is in the process of getting those darn antlers off of her head!

Here she is getting them off!

Huh?  This Toy Story couch isn't for me??

Kendall and Buzz Light Year

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Meet Kendall!!

I picked up our new foster, Kendall, this past Sunday from the doggy day care and I knew right away we were bringing home another little darling.  I put her in a crate for the ride home, only because she had muddy feet, but after maybe 5 minutes she started to do this tiny little whine.  Nothing loud, just a whine of  "What's going on? Where are we going?  I'm a little nervous!"  So I pulled over and my niece let Kendall out so she could sit on her lap. . .All was good from then on!!

Of course the first couple of days are the most interesting.  I'm getting a feel for the new foster and they are getting a feel for their new surroundings and ALL of the new people and animals!!!  So the first day I have to say that Kendall was a bit more shy then some of my other fosters.  She wasn't immediate with her full on affection, it took a bit of coaxing.  She would sit by me, but not on my lap and she didn't stick around for to long, as there is always to much going on for her to sit still.

The Sunday that I picked Kendall up,  the Packers were playing late so we had a "No Manner Meal", which means we get to eat our dinner in the living room!  This sweet little dog actually sat by me on the couch, while I ate my dinner, and I swear to God. . .she DIDN'T beg even once, for any of my food! SHOCKING and SO impressive!!  What a good girl!

Bed time came, and all 3 dogs slept in their kennels, and not even a peep from Miss Kendall!  BONUS!

By day two, I think Kendall knew she was in good hands and felt a lot more comfortable.  Since then she has been very different.  Still a little timid with my husband, but very affectionate in general. She wants to be by me all of the time now!  She likes to follow me around, and then jumps up on my lap anytime I sit down. There is also no shortage of kisses. . .She likes giving them!!  She also enjoys a good belly rub and to have her ears rubbed!

Now I'm always surprised when these little Alabama born puppies LOVE the snow!  I was born here and I don't even like the snow!  Kendall loves it and she loves to eat it!  Yesterday, before it snowed, there were only little chunks of hard snow left in my yard and she couldn't get enough!  The funny thing is, while she is loving the snow, she is shivering!  So now I try to get a sweater on her before letting her out.  To bad I don't have any doggy boots!

Kendall likes playing with toys that she can chew on and she really likes the toys that squeak!  It's so cute to see her stick her head in the toy basket and fish out the toy she wants!  I wish I could find our Kong. . .I'm sure she would love chewing on that with a little something yummy inside!

So far so good in the cat department too!  She hasn't chased any of my cats!  I'm sure my kitties are even happier about that than I am!

Potty training is a work in progress.  Consistency on my part is always key and it never takes long for them to learn the ropes!  Having Kendall go out with Gizmo and Maddie helps her figure it out too!  At this point, I think Maddie and Giz are just as important to our fostering work as my family and I.  We all have our rolls in helping to make our fosters be the best they can be for their new Furever Homes!

p.s.  When I give her a treat after going outside to potty. . .her manners are impeccable!  She (sometimes) sits and then gently takes it from my fingers!  So nice :)

So Pretty!

Her funky little bend!

Pretty in pink!

Scratch my belly please!

Sleepy head. . .

Those are the most beautiful brown eyes!

Kendall playing with some of her toys!


Picture perfect!!

Kendall all snuggled up on the couch


Kendall sleeping in the cupcake bed. . . . Zzzzzzz