Thursday, February 20, 2014

It Just Occurred To Me

I'm living with (3) 8 year old dogs!!  You always hear people say "How old is that in dog years?". . . but after living with my 8 year old pups, I can say that it's no different than living with a 1 or 2 year old (dog that is)!  I'm not sure what I thought that it would be like. . .I guess I just wasn't thinking about the fact that we've had Maddie since she was a puppy and she hasn't slowed down to much!

So little Miss Wendy is becoming quite the little con artist!!  She has learned Maddie's trick of going outside to go potty, but doesn't really go potty. . .she just goes into the snow, turns around and then comes back to the patio door and waits to come in for a treat!!!!  She's a smart one!!  Side Note:  None of the 3 dogs wanted to go out today while it was raining!  When did dogs become so picky about the weather?? :)

I LOVE bedtime, but now that I have 2 additional bed buddies so it has become very entertaining!  No more crates, and all 3 dogs know that have have made it to the big time. . .the UPSTAIRS!!  Maddie gets to sleep with her mama (my daughter Samantha) and Gizmo and Wendy get to sleep with their mama. . .Me!  Gizmo rolls around and drags his belly across the blankets and Wendy snuggles up with Jay, that is until I get in. Then she dives under the covers and lies in between my legs and lays there until I'm done reading and then out she comes and sleeps between me and Jay.  And there she stays all night long.  I actually like having them both in bed with us!

Ok. . .I guess I have to cut this short.  My bed buddies are also my couch buddies (Gizmo on my lap, and Wendy pressed against my side) and they're both sitting at my feet, staring at me, waiting for me to finish typing and to go sit on the couch where I belong!

My 3 buddies; Gizmo, Wendy & Maddie

Coming in from her potty break

Wendy & Gizmo after the big snow storm


Wendy & Giz all full of snow

Wendy and Giz keeping Noah company during his catnap!

Lookin' cute with her big ears and big brown eyes!

Just chillin' under the living room chair

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

Kid Tested. . .Grandma Approved!

My 3 year old grandson, Noah, and Wendy met this week and it went quite well.  Noah's getting used to coming to Grandma's and always seeing a new dog.  Surprisingly, he's not that interested in any of them. . . always a bit timid to start, but because Wendy is so meek and low key (and doesn't jump all over him) all was good!  By the end of Noah's visit, he was giving her treats after potty breaks and sharing a chair for a quick cat nap!!

Wendy napping

Wendy and Noah

Awwww. . . 

Noah and Wendy sharing the recliner during a nap

Happy Valentine's Day. . .You Are Approved to Adopt from Fluffy Dog Rescue!!

WooHoo!!!!  Cedric got to go home with his new family today!  He was a little nervous, but I know once he gets to his new home and gets to play with his new buddies (2 boys!!) he's going to be one happy puggle!!! I know that getting one more Fluffy Dog to their new furever home makes me a very happy foster mom!!!

Good bye sweet Cedric xo

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Meet Little Wendy

She's a little peanut!! The biggest things on her are her ears and her dark eyes!! She's got this thick pretty fur on her like a fox. . .that's actually what she reminds me of. And sweet. . .OMG! She's just a meek and mild southern belle!

One of things I had read in her bio, and have noticed to be very true, is that when we're all hanging out at night, she's quite happy to be either on our lap or tucked up next to us or just tucked away under a chair. She definitely finds comfort when she's under something.

Because she's totally potty trained (and completely irresistible) I've been letting her sleep with us and she immediately dove under my covers the first night! I was kind of worried because she was laying on my side. . . Which includes a sheet, blanket, comforter, and a double fleece blanket folded in half!! On top of that, I have my mattress warmer turned up to 5! I was worried that she was going to suffocate under there! Needless to say, it was maybe 30 minutes before she came out and slept on top of my blankets. Last night she just opted for the top of the blankets!

Potty time is pretty entertaining. I still have Cedric (who's adoption will be blogged about soon) so I have 4 dogs right now. . .Anyway when I call to them that it's time to go out they all four come running and the two puggles just run over the two little nuggets, Gizmo and Wendy. . .and they seem almost used to it. I guess it's what happens when you are little! So to keep things fair, I make sure to give the two little ones their treats first! I think they appreciate it!

Again, I find myself with yet another amazing Fluffy Dog. She's going to be perfect for someone looking for sweet, loving companionship. I think because she is 8 years old, she is just the perfect kind on mellow with just the right amount of spunk!

How precious!
Hiding her face in Jay's hand while napping

Just looking cute
Watching family activities from under the table

Look at those awesome ears!

Snuggling next to me in an upright, sitting position!!  To cute!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Wish I Had a Farm!!

And it's a good thing I don't because I would have 50 Fluffy Dogs by now!!! lol

So life with Cedric has been a treat to say the least. . .and please know that I don't say these things just to say them, I say them because they are the Gods honest truth!!  He is just so darn sweet.  Every time I come home, or when the girls come home from school, he comes running to the door with a smile on his face. Yes, a smile!  If you have ever seen the movie The Mask, remember when the dog, Milo, puts on the mask and he has that big, all teeth in full view, smile. . .well that's Cedric!  It just cracks me up!

Milo from The Mask. . .ok, Cedric's grin isn't quite this crazy!! lol
I've been taking him on walks everyday and he loves them. . .but he still has the freezy cat feet if we go to far. . . so we don't.

I let him sleep with us last night just to see how he'd do (and because I'm crazy about him) and you'll be happy to know that he did GREAT!  Great to me means laying still and sleeping all night and not walking around on my bed or jumping down in the middle of the night. . .NO shenanigans. . .and that's exactly what he did!  He just laid next to me all night, just as happy and content as could be!  AND NO ACCIDENTS because he is COMPLETELY house broken!!  BONUS!!!!

I've noticed a couple of things since he got here.  First, he is VERY nosey!  If an opportunity presents itself, he will investigate!  Nothing damaging, just looking for. . .whatever!  Second, if I pet Maddie or Gizmo, he's right there for his share of the lovin'.  He's like a kid, if I pay attention to one, I better be fair and pay attention to him too.  He's actually trying to get up on my lap right now because he sees that Gizmo is sleeping on my lap! :)  Third, he's not a foodie, which is a first.  He'll take a treat, but doesn't demand one. He will come running when I'm in the kitchen, but mainly because Maddie was the instigator.

Cedric is very unique in that he came to our home as if he was already someone's pet. . .as in, I haven't had to do anything to get him family ready, he already is!  He's got good manners, he's potty trained. . .just a different air about him.  He's going to make someone very happy. . .this I know!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Just Met the Sweetest Boy EVER!!!

And his name is Cedric!  He's a gorgeous tan Puggle with a personality and smile that will melt your heart! The fact that he is already house broken is a major BONUS!!!  I read in his PetFinder bio that he's a little over weight, and it's true, but he's just so darn adorable.  My daughter's puggle, Maddie, got a little chubby once, and she started walking her everyday and the weight came right off!  So, even though it's winter, and I HATE the cold. . .we have started walking.  UGH!  He's a good walker. . .as in he walks pretty good on the side of me, but he does get cold feet after to long and then we head home.  He also loves running around the back yard in the snow!  He jumps through the snow like a rein deer!  It's pretty comical!

Like all of my fosters before him (because they are all amazing!!) he gets along with Maddie.  Clay and April, our cats, are perfectly fine ignoring him but when it comes to my other cats. . .not so much!  He likes to chase them and they're not having it. So in hopes of curbing that need to chase, I've brought out the dreaded water bottle!  It usually works like a dream because they all hate being sprayed with it!  It's magic!!!!

In closing, Cedric is amazing.  I'm looking at him sleep on the chair next to me and all I want to do is go grab him, rub his tummy and scratch his ears!  Did I mention that he smiles!  I'm not kidding!!  He literally shows his teeth with a big grin!

So Handsome!!!!
Look at those pearly whites

Enjoying the snow!

The boys love to be on mama's lap!  (That's Cedric half smile)

Napping on my lap

Is this a precious face or what?!!!

Cedric's close up!

Zzzzzzzz. . . .

This was Thursday night before Stach & Snuggles got adopted!  Crazy Town!!!

Stach and Cedric playing tug of war

Just so sweet!

Walking down the middle of the road

Showing off his physique!

You are approved to adopt from Fluffy Dog Rescue!!

You can't even imagine how happy I am that Stach and Snuggles have been adopted TOGETHER!!!!!  Ken and Carol could see from the pictures and stories that I had blogged that these two little guys were meant to stay together!  When they came over yesterday to meet their new additions, Stach and Snuggles were quick to sense that Ken and Carol were going to be their new furever parents.  They both jumped up onto Ken's lap and snuggled in!  To say it warmed my heart would be an epic understatement!  So happy for another happy ending (happy beginning) for my sweet S&S!! xo

Snuggles and Stach with their new furever mom and dad!! xo