Saturday, November 21, 2015

We've Got Ourselves a Puppy!

And what a puppy he is!  His name is ASCOTT . . .we call him Norman for short.  Norman is a 4 1/2 month old Basset Hound (mix).  I don't usually bring home puppies, because. . .well. . .they're puppies!  I'm so glad we did.  He's an amazing pup. . .such a sweet disposition. He has giant paws, one brown eye and one beautiful light blue eye, soft thick ears and the most luxurious fur I've ever felt.  Petting him is actually addicting and comforting!  He's also really low key, which I personally like in a pet!

The first thing I learned about Norman was that because he lived at a home with a fenced in yard, he had never been on a leash. . .that became apparent when I took him outside to go potty before bringing him home.  He walked a few steps and then stopped dead in his tracks and refused to budge!  Since then, I've taken Norman on several walks and he does really well.  He walks right next to me, no pulling. . .just enjoying the great outdoors.

Speaking of the great outdoors, I was anxious to see how he would react to the snow.  He's never seen it or been in it, so it was pretty entertaining to watch him this morning!  It didn't seem to bother him a bit.  I put a sweater on him and took him for a short walk this morning and he seemed to like it, but on the way back he kept trying to run up everyone's driveway.  Finally we got to my driveway and he (we) started sprinting to get back into the house!  I guess he was getting chilly!!

I brought Norman home Tuesday and have been working really hard on his potty training and he's doing great.  Yes, he still has accidents now and again, but he also goes potty every time I put him out!  So that is VERY encouraging.  It helps that I have Maddie and Giz (my dogs) here to show him the ropes!  He also responds very well to the word "no".  He hears us say no and immediately stops!  Again, he impresses me!

He's a baby, so he likes to chew!  He LOVES squeaky toys and the dental bones and pigs ears. . .!  It helps prevent the occasional chewing of something like a shoe or newspaper!!

He's been a really good boy at bedtime too!  Norman, Maddie and Giz all get crated and all go to bed and get up at the same time.  I put him out one last time before bed, and then off to bed he goes.  Again, having the two older dogs has really helped to teach him whats what!

Did I mention that he gets along well with others?  Well he does.  I also have 4 cats and he isn't bothered by them in the least and like wise. . .he doesn't bother them either.  One of my cats, Binx, actually likes to play with him.  He's a baby too!  They like to chase each other around the house in a friendly game tag!

I know I'm a broken record when it comes to my foster pups, but they're all so amazing I can't help but to sing their praises.  I just love them all and Norman is no exception. . .he's a lover and snuggler and a real keeper!!! Someone is going to be very lucky when they bring this sweet boy home!

Ascott. . . He's one beautiful boy!  Look at those eyes!

Hangin' with the Gizmo and Maddie

Chillin' with Kathryn

That's a BIG paw!


Norman's (Ascott) first day at our house

He's a handsome boy!!

We both got pretty wet while I gave Norman (Ascott) his shower!!

Is that a smile?

He found the toy basket right away!

Look how nice he sits on my lap!!  LOVE him!! xo


Outside in his snowman sweater!