Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Happy Happy!! Our sweet little Harvey was adopted by his furever family tonight...Grace, Audrey, Dawn and Glen! It was a perfect match. As sad as we are to see him leave, I'm filled with joy that he has such a great new family!

Friday, October 18, 2013

What a difference a week makes!  Though our little Harvey is still a little skittish. . .he's made huge strides!  When we are sitting down, he now comes to us to be picked up and when we reach for him. . .he doesn't even back up!  I feel like a new mom seeing my baby do something for the first time!  It's really quite exciting to see him coming out of his shell!  

Meanwhile, he and Maddie (our daughter's puggle) continue to be good buddies!  The only change now is that they have a morning ritual of crazy time, which includes about 5 minutes of chasing each other around the living room.  It's quite entertaining.  It puts a smile on my face watching Harvey become Harvey!  He also LOVES to play with toys!  I bought him an unstuffed duck with a squeaker in his head and OMG!! He LOVES this thing.  He plays with it everyday.  He flings it into the air, chases after it, flings it again.  I have video taped him doing it and if I can figure out how to post it, I will.

Potty training continues!  He's actually doing pretty good...only a couple of accidents, but we are diligently trying to get him in the routine of going to the door when he has to go.  In the meantime, I keep track of the time and take him out regularly.  I just take him into the grass, don't let him walk around too much (cause he really likes to go out and run around and play), but at "potty time", I keep the leash short, let him do his business and then immediately take him back inside and give him a treat.  Yes!  I believe in rewards!!  They work!! 

All in all, this is one amazingly sweet little guy!  I love that he's so little and easy to carry around! (He loves it too!)  Oh, and have I mentioned that he doesn't bark when someone comes to the door?  I, personally, like this attribute in a pet!

Harvey and his duck

Harvey being cute!

Is this not the cutest tiny hiney!!

Peek a boo

Monday, October 14, 2013

We're so thrilled to have a new foster!  I picked Harvey up last Wednesday and have been biding for his attention since.  He's a pretty timid little pooch when approached, but we have eagerly tried to make him feel safe every since we brought him home!  He's a funny little guy about it too!  Fact is. . .he LOVES to snuggle and to just lay on your lap, but it's a bit of an effort to get him on your lap.  He comes to you, but then he backs away, then he comes back. . .hops around like 'I really want to come up. . .I really want to come up'.  The last two days, I've just been holding my hand out, he's smells it, backs up, comes back, I reach for him, and he lets me pick him up.  We're making progress!!

I have to say that having another dog in the house has really been helpful with Harvey.  He and Maddie were immediate friends from the moment I brought him home.  He learned the potty routine right away and loves the treat they get when I bring them in.  He's really good on a leash and loves being outside. They love to play and race around and then nap together. . .It's very cute!  (FYI:  Harvey is pretty little, so I have to lift him up on to the couch)  I also keep their crates together.  That way, when we leave, and at bedtime, they're together.  It's really worked out well.

Like I tell everyone, there is nothing better than a rescue dog for a pet!!  They are so happy and grateful to be loved and love you back SO MUCH!!  
Look at Harvey's adorable smile!

At the pumpkin farm. . .I think I see a smile!

Harvey taking time to smell the mums

King of the Pumpkins!