Friday, October 31, 2014

Miss Santa Claus

Little Miss Hayley has quite the personality!  Our fosters end up meeting lots of people and lots of animals when they stay with us, and they have always do amazingly well and Hayley is no exception.  She loves everyone!  Even my cats are coming around her. . .which is very surprising!!!  She and my cat Fiona were actually sharing the recliner a couple of days ago!  SHOCKING if you knew Fiona!!

We continue to potty train with pretty good success!  A couple of accidents, but I moved quick, caught her and got her outside.  She's really good about going in the morning.  She tends to get side tracked by Maddie and Giz, but I just say "Hayley, potty!" and she does her business!  None of the dogs knew what to do this morning when they stepped onto a deck full of snow!!  They just kind of tipped toed out!  Hayley is an Alabama girl, so I'm sure this was the time she felt the cold of snow on her paws!

What I really like is how easy it was to train Hayley to sit.  I always give my pups a treat when they come in from going potty.  At first Hayley wanted nothing to do with the treats, but after a few days of seeing the other dogs get one, she tried it and liked it.  Now she's young, so her manners aren't the greatest yet, so she would jump and climb all over Maddie and Giz to get the first treat.  So literally, it took ONE day of telling and showing her how sit and she has it down pat!  The bonus. . .she lets me hand the treat to her.  She waits her turn, doesn't lunge for it, or jump up, she just takes it like the best little girl ever!!!  LOVE it!!

Today the dogs all begrudgingly let me dress them up in their Halloween costumes AND do a little photo shoot! Nothing easy about that, but I did have some help and I did get some cute pictures!!  Enjoy!!

Hayley dressed in her Santa costume!

She is either showing off her long silky neck or new collar???

Yes. . .she is sitting there with no one holding her!  Such a good girl!

Hayley whispering to Maddie "How long do we have to wear these?"

All sitting nice for a treat

The one and only picture with the hood up on Hayley's costume!

Just sitting like a good girl!! 

I just like this one with her little back paw sticking out!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Meet Hayley!

It's Fall!!!  And for me, that means I get to start fostering again!!!  I wasn't going to start until Monday, but plans changed and I was anxious to get my first foster so Sunday was the day!  Her name is Hayley and of course, she made sure to make a good first impression!  She was as happy and excited to meet me as I was to meet her!

The trip home was very peaceful.  Not a peep!  I played some music real low and talked to her all the way home, in hopes of calming any nerves she may have been having.

When we got home, Giz and Maddie (our Yorkie and Puggle) were outside waiting to meet her.  That went really well also!  It was the usual sniffing, hopping around, spinning around. They have all become fast friends, playing hard and then napping together. . .and by together, I mean they are usually in a ball all huddled up and laying on each other!  To cute!

Like all of my fosters before, Hayley came in, found the food, checked out the house, met the family and settled right in!  And like always, my family fell in love with our new foster!

Now, she's only 1 1/2 yrs. and both Giz and Maddie are 8yr. so I was curious how things would go!  She likes to play, and in spite of their usual somewhat lazy lifestyle, they have both stepped up to the plate! They run around the house, they're chasing after the toys, they run around outside. . .it's been pretty fun to watch.

Now when it comes to going for a walk (on a leash), Hayley does waaay better when it's just her.  To many distractions and commotion when it's the 3 of them.  I'm sure I looked like an I Love Lucy episode on Monday when I took all of them! So I did a test run with just Hayley and she did great!

Potty training is going SUPER good too!!  Only one accident so far. . .that I know of!!!

As for her crate. . .she's not really a fan.  Whenever we leave and at night all of the dogs get crated.  Giz and Maddie have a routine when they know it's crate time.  I just have to say "Crate time" and they go running! Hayley is like. . .you mean just them right??  So I do have to put her in hers, but she is fine once she gets in there.  I just tell her I'll see her in the morning and she's good.

All in all. . .she's an amazing little girl!  Her tails spins like an airplane propeller when she's happy.  She loves to be around people.  She's got a great mix of play and snuggle!!  And when she snuggles. . .she snuggles right in next to you or on you and falls asleep!  She's got pretty dark eyes like Milk duds and fur as smooth as silk!  She's pretty AWESOME!

This is Hayley being cute!

Yes, I have a funny hair cut, but it will grow back and be beautiful!

This is my close up! :)

I'm as pretty as a flower!

Snuggling with my new foster dad

Pretending I'm a cat and sitting on the back of the chair!

How cute is this!!  Sleeping with Giz

Feel free to rub under my chin while I lay on your lap!


I swear to God. . .she stopped to smell the flowers!

Yes, I'm sleeping next to the cat!  I'm such a good girl!

This is where we sleep while mom works

Nap time!!

Awww. . .so darn cute!

Our nap before bed time!