Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Sweet Beauty

So it's been 3 weeks since Beauty had her heart worm shots and she's doing GREAT!  She actually had the shots the Wednesday and Thursday before we left on our family vacation, so it worked out perfectly that she got to go back to the doggy day care for a week, because laying low was exactly what she needed to do!  I felt so guilty leaving her after that, but I knew she was in good hands!

We came home on a Sunday, and bright and early Monday morning Abby and I were off to get her!  I can't say that she was that excited to us. . .but I'm used to that greeting from our own pets when we come home after leaving them too!  Anyway, once we got in the car and headed home. . .after lots of petting and snuggling, all was well!  When Beauty got inside the house. . .WOOHOO!!!  Everyone came to greet her! One problem. . .she still had to stay somewhat calm for several more weeks after her hw treatment!  That was a challenge, to say the least!!

Now that we're letting Beauty run around a little more, the cats are like "oh, great!"  She does like to chase JJ and April.  Clay. . .now he's another story.  No one, including Beauty, chases my big boy, Clay Matthews around!  What I have noticed over the past 2 days is that Beauty and Clay and are actually starting to sniff each other and kind of walk around each other r e a l  s l o w!  It's quite entertaining!  But the real entertainment comes from watching Beauty with her girl crush, Maddie (my daughter's puggle).  She can't stop following Maddie around and is constantly trying to lick and kiss her face!  And Maddie, she just sits there and lets her! The 3 dogs are great friends for sure.  Eat together, nap together, go out to potty together. . .everything is together!

I have to write about Beauty's beautiful hair!  It's so ridiculously luxurious! It's so long and soft. . .it's mesmerizing when you pet her.  You just keep petting her, because of how good her soft hair feels in your hands.  And then when you pick her up. . .her body is soft too!  What I mean by that is, when I pick up Giz or Maddie, they're always so stiff and when you pick Beauty up, she's just. . .soft!  Then, when she's on our lap and were petting her, she is so relaxed she just goes limp!  She's so trusting in our arms!!

Here is my last thought for the night.  I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but I remember some furry creatures in the film and thought, hmmmmm. . .Beauty reminds me of those little things.  When I Googled them, I found out that they were ewoks.  Sure enough, all though Beauty is much cuter. . .that's exactly what she reminds me of with all of the long hair on her face and her black nose!!!  To cute!!

Just looking cute!

Sunning herself on the sundeck at our camper!

Showing off her perfect figure and pretty hair!

Mom, why do you say I look like an Ewok?? :)

Beauty is certainly a beauty!

Beauty's girl crush. . .Maddie

What? (Look how her little butt and back legs are hanging off the couch!)
Hangin' out in the cupcake bed while Mom works!

This is where you'll find Giz and Beauty when I'm working!  So sweet!!

So perfectly irresistible!

Z z z z z . . .napping in Mom's office

Hey!  Hellooooo. . .can we come in yet?

Giz and Beauty shared the pillow until I finally brought in the cupcake bed!! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Belated Hello to Miss Beauty

So this is Beauty. . .and she is just that!  She is our last foster of the season, so we are treasuring every minute with her!  I feel bad that I haven't introduced you to her sooner, but it's been a CRAZY week with work and getting ready for our family (ROAD trip) vacation and some new improvements to this ole' mama (I got my hair darkened. . .a bit. . .baby steps)!!

Anyway, so even though it's been busy here, Beauty walked in the door last Sunday afternoon and she's made herself right at home without missing a beat!  It just never doesn't amaze me how these sweet dogs can come into a whole new household and just fit it!

I know I'm going to sound like a broken record, but I have to keep saying it when it keeps being TRUE! Beauty is AWESOME!!  Gizmo, and my whole family, came to pick her up so she and Giz had 20 minutes in the car to get to know each other and then when we got home, after lots of circling and sniffing, Gizmo, Maddie and Beauty were friends!  Boom. . .just like that!  We couldn't get enough of her either!  She has long white (and a mixture of other light colors), and VERY luxurious hair.  It's mesmerizing to just sit and pet her because she's so soft.  I can't even explain how good she feels when you pick her up.  She's just soft. . .not just her hair but her body. And she likes being held.  Once in awhile, if close enough, she'll give you some little love licks!  She's just a dream!

I was feeling a bit sorry for Beauty when I brought her home, knowing that because she's heart worm positive, that she's going to have to get treatment right away. I know, I know. . .it's what will make her healthy in the long run.  So sure enough, the night before she was suppose to go to the vet. . .she got diarrhea! ugh! I'm not sure if it was the new food, nerves from being around new people and pets OR. . .she didn't want to go to the vet!!  lol.  Either way. . .it got postponed.  But she's good to go now, so come tomorrow, we will try it again!

Just one more quick story. . .The first night, and we don't usually do this on the first night, but Beauty followed Jay and Giz upstairs at bed time.  I put her up on the bed, just to hang out with us for a few minutes before taking her down and putting her in her crate.  The next thing you know. . .she's sleeping with us!  How risky was that!!! Ha!  She was perfect!  I don't think she knew exactly what was going on at first, but it didn't take her long to realize she was going to get to stay!  She snuggled right up to Jay (smart move), slept peacefully all night and in the morning when I got up, I took both dogs off the bed, herded them downstairs and out to go potty they went!  I couldn't have gone better!

Meet Beauty

Beauty and Giz napping right next to me while I work

Sleeping Beauty using Gizmo as a pillow while napping on Dad

Giz and Beauty. . .could it get any cuter?

Taking the dogs on a walk.  Beauty is a GREAT leash walker!!

Beauty didn't love the bow. . .but we did!!
This one I just love because she is laying upside down! lol

Adorable!!! xo