Sunday, January 26, 2014

p.s. Stach playing!

Stach? Is that you????

Stach and Snuggles. . .such little sweeties.  I can tell that their last owner (who sadly passed away) was elderly, because these guys are pretty low energy. . .and I don't mean that in a bad way, it's actually very nice.  It's just that most of our foster dogs have loved to run around, play with toys, and wrestle and get pretty crazy with each other.  S&S typically get most excited when I let them out of their crates and when there is food involved! lol.  Otherwise, they're just nice and mellow and hanging out with us.  SOOO. . .
imagine my surprise when I found Stach playing with a toy the other day!  Seriously. . .I was really surprised! He was throwing around this toy, running around after it. . .it was comical!!!  We played a little bit of tug of war with it and then he was done.  And. . .the last couple of days, the three of them (Maddie), have been racing around after each other.  They race about three times around the living room, into the kitchen and finally they all jump up onto the couch and rest!

They still aren't big fans of the great white winter. . .but who could blame them, I'm not either!  They are, however, going outside when I call them to the door to do so!  Stach has even gone to the door and waited until I notice so he can be let out!!!  This is BIG news!  Still a couple of accidents once in a while, but a HUGE improvement from when they got here.

A Stach tid bit; and a first for me;  He runs over to the TV every time he sees or hears a dog!  I've seen dogs do this on TV, but never first hand.  It's pretty funny!  No matter what he's doing or where he is, if he hears it or sees it, zoooom. . .to the TV he goes!  

A Snuggles tid bit;  He just discovered that he can go upstairs AND downstairs!  And by that I mean, "oh, the gate is down so I can sneak up stairs by the cats and see what's going on" and "oh, so I can go down to the basement and check it out and see where the kitty litter is, I'm just NOT suppose to"!!

I still get a kick out of how different these two looked shaved, compared to their usually hairy selves.  They both look like this little stuffed lamb that my mom used to keep at her house for my son when he was little. Stach has the same curly hair like the lamb and Snuggles has the same skinny legs that sprawl out and blue colored collar.

In closing I will say that they are just two sweet little white poochies, living the life until they find their furever home!

This how they were taking a nap. . .right on top of each other!

Snuggles getting a little rub. . .look at his mouth, it looks like he's saying "Ohhhhh Yeah"! 

Stach enjoying the heat from the fireplace

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Bobbsey Twins

It's been a week and a half since Stach & Snuggles came to my house and they're doing great!  I love to watch how their personalities emerge once they get home and realize they are going to be loved and taken care of. . .and it doesn't take long!

I'm trying to think of how to describe these two little guys.  They are so similar in their personalities. . .like twins!  They're VERY good natured!  No aggression, no growling, just the usual "pick me up" prancing and then a lick of gratitude when you do and very loving ALL of the time!  I can tell you is that they are not fans of winter. . .but with a sweater on each, I've been able to keep them out for a little bit of exercise and to potty and then it's back to the door with waggin' tails to get back inside!  They do and go everywhere together.  They eat together, nap together, clean each other (constantly!!) and are both foodies!!  Stach, however, LOVES to chase my cats and Snuggles. . .not so much!  They love Maddie (my daughter's puggle).  If one of the dogs comes to sit on my lap when we're all watching TV, the other will go and lay with (or Maddie.  It always amazes me how all of the fosters have gotten along with my pets!

Because I saw Stach and Snuggles before they got shaved, it's so funny to see them run around looking so naked.  Their little bird legs crack me up!  I make sure to keep them either in their sweaters or to have blankets out for them so they are always warm.  And who knows. . .maybe they are warm, but because I'm such a freezy cat, I assume that they are as well!

In closing I will tell you that my grandson was over again this past weekend, Friday to Sunday, and S & S were perfectly WELL BEHAVED fluffy dogs.  Noah is getting used to me having fluffy dogs at my house, and he, in return, is learning to be kind and gentle to all of my animals!  It's lovely how it all works out!!

Clay (my giant kitty), Snuggles and Stach all sleeping on Jay's lap

Stach napping so soundly. . .looking so adorable!

Can you pick us both up?????  Pleassse??

These are the bird legs I was referring too!!  LOL

Snuggled up for a long winter's nap!

S & S hogging my chair and my blanket! :)

Just being cute!

That would be Stach yelling into me "Hey, can we come in now?"

Snuggles looking so snuggly!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Meet Stach & Snuggles

So after Avalon and Charlie were adopted, we were going to take a couple of days off!  I let Maddie sleep upstairs with Samantha and all of the cats finally came down stairs at one time to hang out.  Then the plan changed and we we're on our way out to the Doggy Day Care on Saturday night instead of Sunday morning.  I knew I would be picking up Stach and Snuggles, but what I didn't know was what all of these amazing women do to get these puppies ready for their foster homes!  The girls and I learned, first hand, Saturday night!  We got there at 8pm sharp to pick up our pups, and didn't leave until 11p!!

When we got there, we spotted our two dogs right away!  They were the only two bright white curly haired dogs!  They were all happy and excited, just like the other 9 dogs with them.  They all look at you like 'pick me, pick me'.  We started with Snuggles, and that's when I learned what goes into getting the dogs ready for pick up, once they arrive from Alabama!  My two, needed to be shaved (which easily took an hour for each) and then bathed. . .and not just bathed. . .cotton in their ears first, drops in their eyes to protect them from the strong flea shampoo and then a good scrubbing for 10 minutes to make sure the shampoo is effective and then towel dried!  Their individual information gets finalized, medications gathered, collars and matching leashes and because my two were so tiny. . .a couple of sweaters for the ride home.  3 hours later, we were on our way!

The boys shivered most of the way home, so I kept the heat blasting the whole way.  Like always, when we got home, we brought Maddie outside to meet our new visitors. Everyone was very friendly so inside we went. I immediately took them back outside, in our new fenced in area (thank you hunny) so Maddie could show them the ropes! They were not fans of going back outside. After that, I showed them their food dishes, and sat with them for an hour or so before putting them to bed for the night. They made a soft howl noise for a few minutes and then were quiet until morning when I came down to get them.

Today was all about bonding, learning the ropes and the Packers!  I kept their sweaters on most of the day so that I could just keep putting them outside to go potty.  I'm assuming that they know all about it, but who know what's been going on in their little lives since their owner died.  It's looking to me like they may need a bit of refresher course. . .not to mention they HATE the cold. . .especially since they are so tiny and pretty much bare naked now that all of their thick hair has been shaved off!!

All in all, they are two VERY sweet little boys. . .mild mannered and loving all of their attention. They have either been next to me, on me or behind my head (laying on the back of the couch).  They just like being by us. . .proving once again that a rescue dog makes the BEST pet EVER!!!

Snuggles BEFORE his haircut. . .
Snuggles AFTER his haircut!!

Stach BEFORE his haircut. . .
Stach AFTER his haircut!

Stach sleeping in his cupcake bed

My leg in the red, Stach in the pink and Snuggles in the orange.

That cute face looking at you is Snuggles. . .Stach sleeping next to him!

You are approved to adopt from Fluffy Dog Rescue

This past Thursday afternoon was Diane and Charlie's meeting day.  Diane was coming over to meet Charlie to make sure they were a good fit!  In my mind I'm thinking "Done deal. . .once you meet him, you're going to think he's perfect, not to mention, GORGEOUS", which she did.  Friday, I took Charlie for his final vet exam and after that, I delivered Charlie to his new furever mom!!!!  Again. . .so bitter sweet!  I admit that I did cry, but they are always sad tears for me because I'm going to miss him and happy tears because he has a furever home!!!!  I'm going to miss you Charlie!!!!!