Monday, February 11, 2013

Our Meet & Greet at the Doggie Bag!

What a great day for the Fluffy Dogs, foster parents and owners alike!!  It was a Meet & Greet at the Doggie Bag (a great store BTW) in downtown Oconomowoc this past Saturday.  I was amazed at the amount of people there, but more amazed at the recognition the puppies got!!  Everyone seemed to know each of the fosters as they came in!  As Jay and I walked in with our 'boys', people immediately came up to us and asked "Is that Estevan?"  "Is this Donnelly?"   It was a terrific opportunity for people who were interested in owning, to come in and visit with the dogs they had been admiring on  I am very hopeful for the outcome of this amazing event!!

One more thing about Saturday. . .I was so so so impressed with the how well behaved ALL of the dogs were during this whole thing.  This was potentially a very high stress situation for some of the dogs with all of the people and children coming up to them, petting them and the amount of noise. . .but they really rocked it!  They were all so amazingly good!!  I was a proud foster mom to say the least!!

Meanwhile, back on the home front, our fosters are doing great!  Estevan absolutely LOVES the snow!  I'm wishing I had a fenced in yard so he could just run, run, run!!!!!  He just loves it when Abby takes him out to play so he can run, jump and hop around on his very loooooooong leash!!  As for Donnie (Donnelly), he likes to run out, do his thing and get back in (and of course, get his treat)!  He's definitely not a fan of the cold and snow. . .which is why he now has a new sweater to wear outside!!

Estevan and Donnie at the Meet & Greet

Tuckered out . . .snoozing in the car on the way home!

They were great travelers in the car!!

Estevan taking his nap once we got home

Donnie taking his nap after we got home

Estevan and Abby playing in the snow!!

Estevan playing with favorite leopard out in the snow!