Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What a Month It's Been!

And by month I don't mean December or January, I mean the past 30+ days!  This foster mom has been sick with cold, flu, sinus, laryngitis and plugged ears!  But you know who's been by my side the whole time???  My little fluffy dogs Estevan and Donnie!  They literally laid in bed with me for 2 1/2 days while I had the flu.  The only time we got up was to go potty!  Even when everyone came home from work and school, they laid in bed with their sick mama!

AND then there was Donnie Boy (Donnelly).  Watching him for a week or two  has turned into. . .gosh, I'm not really sure.  But I have to say, Estevan LOVES having a brother!  Since the day he arrived they have been in-separable and yes, some time insufferable! :) They can't help but to play constantly!!!!!!  Every trip outside to go potty is an adventure. . .who can get outside first, who can get back in the door first, ect!!! lol.  But, once again, I have another little lover on my hands.  Donnie is a mama's boy for sure.  He follows me, sits with me, won't go up stairs without me. . .even though everyone's already up there!  He too proves my point that these sweet little fosters just want to be loved and taken care of by a forever family.  

Since my last post, we've enjoyed Christmas eve / day at our house, New Years eve, and birthdays, birthdays and more birthday parties at our house. . .nothing but a rotating door of company.  Estevan and Donnie were such good boys during all of it. . .well except for the occasional begging for food. . .but they are dogs after all and couldn't help themselves!  But other than that, we were pretty pleased.  I wasn't sure how they would handle all of the chaos and hoopla that ensued!

In closing I have to say that two dogs can sometimes be a handful, but if you have the patience and the room, having two dogs is pretty cool.  From my own experience with my (4) kitties, and what I've observed with Estevan and Donnie (and even the occasional visit from Maddie, our granddog), is that they love the companionship and friendship they have with each other.  Each night, when we're all settled in and snuggled up in the living room and watching tv, we each have a dog laying next to us and kitties laying behind us on the back of the couch and recliner.  It's really pretty special!

Donnie, Estevan and Maddie all trying to help Sam open her Christmas gifts!

Kathryn and Estevan

Estevan being Kat's reading pillow!

Grandma, this is a nice doggie!!

That's right, keep petting me up and down!

Donnie (Donnelly) playing Peek a Boo