Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Life with a Toddler. . .I Mean Puppy!

Come to my house at any given hour and you will find a floor full of toys!!!  Norman (Ascott) LOVES his toys.  He doesn't have a favorite. . .he LOVES them all. . .well maybe the squeaky toys are his favorite!  Once he finds the squeaker, he just keeps squeaking!  All I know is that he plays hard and then it's nap time. . .Repeat!

So, we got through our first holiday!  I had 14 guests and Norman (Ascott) did AWESOME!  I'm always very watchful to see how my fosters do with my grandson, because he is only 4 1/2 yrs old. Norman was great!!!! No jumping, no aggression, mostly just interested in Noah's toys.  I heard this a lot during the day "Grandma, Noman has my sword", "Grandma, Noman took my Lego", etc.  That being said, I still had a house full of people, and Norman did really well with all of the chaos going on around him. He's really taken a lead from my other 2 dogs, which has really been so helpful for me and him.

After Thanksgiving was over, it was time to get our Christmas tree!  Was I nervous about a tree and a puppy in the same room?  YES!  Does he like the water in the tree stand?  YES!  Does he leave my tree alone?  YES!!!  Thank God!  The first couple of days, I kept thinking I'm going to walk into the living room and see the tree laying on the ground!!  If not Norman, then one of the cats!  Knock on wood. . .so far so good!!!!!

Norman is doing really well in the potty training department.  He's got the routine down pretty good. He goes out, does his thing, comes in, sits and waits for his treat.  He still has an occasional accident, but we're getting there!!!

He's also enjoying his walks, but once he sees the house. . .he can't wait to get inside!  It's so funny how they know their own houses.

I'm not sure if it's because Norman is a puppy, but I've never had a foster who loves his food and water the way that this guy does.  I know that before he got to my house he was fed in the morning and then again at dinner, but at my house, I keep the water and food down all day because my dogs pick at it when they're hungry and that's it.  I keep water out all day too because I also have cats and they drink it all of the time!  I'm sure that once Norman's furever family finds him, they can decide what works best!

All in all, things are going great! He's just such a good, sweet boy who loves to be loved!

Family Portrait: Maddie, Norman (Ascott) and Gizmo

Showing off his flexibility!

I paid $4 to get this picture of the 4 dogs!  Yes 4, far right is tiny little Ally!

My mornings after everyone has gone potty, ran around and I sit down with my coffee

This is literally how Maddie and Norman nap!!

Lounging Party of 3!

Posing pretty

Blue eyed side view

Just looking cute!

Yes. . .one more picture!

Adorable from behind as well!

He's sleeping with his head tucked under that pillow. . .so adorable!