Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Some people may think I'm crazy. . .and maybe I am, but I'm ok with that!!  I love having TWO Fluffy Rescue dogs at my house!  Last Sunday my girls and I went and picked up Sheldon!  He had just arrived from AL. He got a bath and a shave (#1 clipper. . .bye bye beautiful white fur!!!) and then off to his next destination. . .my house!

I don't even know what to say about little Sheldon. . .how many adjectives can I reuse when describing the sweetness and lovableness of these sweet creatures?  He's beyond meek and mild and sweet.  He's the perfect lap dog. . .low in energy and high on affection and snuggling!  One day and he's already my steady companion!  And like Avalon, he immediately befriended Maddie and the kitties. . .not one sign of aggression.  Just a look of 'ok, can you pick me up now'?!!

It's been pretty entertaining having these two little ones run around (+ Maddie).  Racing around while they play. . .each finding a pillow or blanket to snuggle up in for a nap, racing into the kitchen in hopes of me dropping or offering up some food.

Potty time is the most hectic.  Trying to get sweaters on everyone (they do come from warm AL after all) and leashes. . .I'm sure I could compete with an episode of I Love Lucy!!  I still walk outside with them so I can encourage "potty" and see what everyone is getting accomplished!  Sheldon is pretty much potty trained and Avalon coninues to improve!  She does her best to get her business done outside so she can get her yummy reward.

The other day when it snowed, I took the 3 dogs for a walk.  Not one of my better ideas!!  The two little ones were so excited to be outside, burrowing their faces into the snow covered grass, rolling around and Maddie was like 'I HATE WINTER and I want to go back inside'!!!

Avalon, Sheldon (& Maddie) in the first snow of the season!


Sheldon nuzzled between the couch and a pillow taking a nap

Buddies. . .(Maddie) and Avalon

Me with Sheldon and Avalon



My little buddies!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Only the beginning of day 3 and little Miss Avalon is fitting right in!!  As you can see, from one of the photo below, she and Maddie are buddies.  The cats. . .not so much.  They just like to ignore her or hiss at her. . .but Avalon is completely unaffected!

But the BIGGER news is that we are making progress in the potty training department!  Once she finally figured out that I wanted her to tinkle in the grass, I loved her up and kept telling her what a good girl she was, and then she got a treat. . .well that's all she needed!  She is totally motivated by treats!!  She's a foodie! :)

Zzzzzz. . . .

Avalon & Maddie watching the Packer game. . .NOT!

Abby & Avalon xo

Sunday, November 3, 2013

So a week has passed since Harvey left. I heard from his new family today and he is doing great!! I LOVE a happy ending! But I didn't want my family and pets to get to used to not having a foster pup running around, so today my daughter, granddaughter and I went to the Doggy Day Care and picked up Avalon. She's a 1 year old Yorkie Chihuahua mix a/k/a Chorkie (chi/yorkie). OMG. . .so much cuter in person and SO MUCH personality! It's so hard to see on her pictures, but she has the prettiest colored fur. . .an incredible mixture of rich warm browns!!  So far I can say that she's the perfect mix of playful and snuggler.

 As always, when I come home with a new foster, I bring Maddie (my daughter's puggle) outside to meet our new visitor so she doesn't feel invaded upon in her house. They did the usual sniffing and checking each other out and that was that. When we came inside, they continued checking each other out and shortly there after were racing around the living room and then resting on the couch.

How cute is this. . .everyone has gone to bed, and Avalon just came in by me to snuggle on my lap. She keeps looking up at me and licking my chin. I think she's angling for me to take her up to bed with us. Not yet. . .I'll have to see how potty trained she is first. . .sorry baby!!

In closing I say, so far so good! I think she's going to make a great addition to someones family!!!

Avalon hanging out in the sunroom

Avalon relaxing with her new toy and blankie. . .so adorable!