Monday, January 12, 2015

Noell Update

She is an AWESOME little peanut!  I just want to eat her up!!!  I have to say that Noell's perfect day would be to sit in your lap ALL DAY LONG!!

Noell is doing GREAT on her potty mat!!!  I haven't made her go outside since the first day's freezing paws disaster!  Every time I send my other dogs out, she comes running and then stops on her mat. She doesn't always "go" when they "go", but she uses the mat when she needs too!  I am hopeful that the family that adopts her is ok with this Plan B potty arrangement.  The mats are very inexpensive and come in a package of 8 or 10 (I'm not exactly sure) and cost $5.99 at Petco.  I'm sure she will learn to go outside once it warms up. . .she's pretty smart!  But for now, this is working perfectly!

Noell and little kids. . .she is good with them in that she shows no aggression and uses her manners, but she really doesn't have a lot of interest in them.  She also isn't a fan of loud noise.  I learned that when my grandson (4yr) was over on Friday and he was showing me how he had learned to whistle! Noah's whistle = high pitched scream!  On Saturday, my daughter had a b-day sleepover and Noell did enjoy the attention of the older kids (13yr).

All in all. . .everything Noell is everything good!!

Noell 4lbs - JJ 14lbs.  (I let Noell eat her wet food on the counter so Maddie and  Gizmo don't eat it all first!)

Noell and Gizmo (8.5lbs)!  Noell is little, but never intimidated!!

This is Noell on the way home from getting micro chipped!  I babied her the rest of the day! xo

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