Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Has Sprung For Noell!

Finally some weather Noell can relate to!!  She came from Alabama, so she doesn't know what the heck ALL of this white stuff is ~ she only knows it's been to cold for her tiny little feet!  But as the thermometer climbs and the snow melts. . .Noell is SO excited to finally get back outside!!

As I've mentioned before, she has been using the potty pads FAITHFULLY all winter, because I couldn't get her to go out into the frigid cold and snow.  And when I say faithfully. . .I mean she has NEVER had an accident in my house. . .EVER!  It's been awesome.  So now that it's getting nicer out, we are in the process of moving potty time to the outside, with the other dogs.  Because Noell is so smart, I'm sure she will have this mastered in a day or two.  I'm guessing that once she figures out she can go potty outside again, moving into fall and winter won't be such an ordeal.  She will adjust to the temps as they come and figure it out.

Yesterday, we took Noell on her first leash walk!  She loved it!  I wasn't sure how she'd do, as the cold and snow have limited our activities with her, so she hasn't had much experience with a leash.  I put a jacket on her and off we went.  Kathryn was actually walking her, but she kept looking back at me to make sure I was watching (?)  It was just so cute!

Over the course of Noell's stay with us, she has really relaxed and come into her own!  She's finally realized that she's not a stray anymore and that she is safe.  She still likes to stay close when I'm working in my home office, but doesn't feel the need to shadow me anymore.  Now that I think about it. . . she does actually hang out on the living room couch once in awhile with Maddie and Giz for an afternoon nap!!

She is still a snuggler!  And she doesn't discriminate!  At night, when we're all home and watching something on TV, she'll snuggle with anyone and everyone!  And if you don't want her on your lap, she's happy to snuggle up next to you!  But when I'm in the recliner. . .she's so little that sometimes she sneaks next to me, and falls asleep in the crack between the arm and the seat cushion and blends in because she's so dark!

Noell is definitely not a fan of getting a bath.  She sucks it up, but. . .  The good thing is, that because she's so little, it only takes a couple of minutes in the sink!  I only towel dry (in lieu of blow drying) her because she's dries pretty quick. She does like to get brushed though.

She's such an awesome little peanut.  So tiny and SO much personality!  In fact, every morning when I let her out of her kennel, she runs out, and then dances around on her back legs while she does this bark.  But's it not "bark" bark, it's more like a "hi mom, good morning mom, look at me mom, thanks for letting me out mom" kind of bark!  I love it. . .very entertaining!

Attempting a "Noell is so pretty" photo shoot!

Ok. . .lets try to get some shots outside!

Helping Abby clear the crumbs off of her plate!

Did you just get a bath?

Pretty Noell xo

Just looking cute!

This one is just funny because she is such a little nugget inside that seemingly large (yet tiny) jacket!

So precious

Come on. . .it's ok?

WooHoo!!!  This is fun!

Lookin' good Noell

Maddie and Giz wondering how it is that they are inside and Noell is OUTSIDE???

Sorry. . .I didn't mean to wake you guys up!

Noell venturing out into the snow!

Just cute seeing the two of them sleep together in the cupcake bed.

Huh?  What am I doing out here?

Everyone loves to hang out with the mama!!

The first of MANY walks!

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