Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Teeny Tiny Princess Noell

OMG. . .there are no words for this sweet, adorable, tiny little dog!!!  She's a magnet!!  She LOVES to be held and snuggled!

Now when I say Noell is tiny, I mean 3.5 / 4 lbs tiny.  There's no meat on her, which I assume is why she is always shivering!  So I am doing my best to fatten her up a bit by giving her wet food twice a day.  My other dogs are a little jealous to say the least, so I do let them lick the spoon!

So what I'm about to tell you is a first for me!  When I brought Noell home, I showed her all of the important places she needs to know about, i.e., food and outside!  Now thank God I brought her home in a sweater (size xxsm), because she is always shivering.  The first day we were ok because there was no snow, but when the snow appeared. . .she was pretty much done with going outside!  When I did put her out, she literally pranced around because her little feet were so cold and then she just laid down on her side (on the sweater she was wearing) to keep her feet from being so cold!  Needless to say, I had to come up with a Plan B, and quick!!!!  It was either going to be booties or a diaper.  Then I friend of mine, who also fosters, told me about some pads I could put out.  They're like the pads used in hospital beds!  So I went to the pet store, bought booties and pads, hoping the booties would work.  I put the rubber booties on her front paws and then tried to get them on her back paws, but honestly. . .her paws are so tiny, I was afraid I would hurt her.  Anyway, I let her walk around with just the front ones on, and it was pretty pathetic. . .more prancing! Long story, short(er). . .we're using the pads and having GREAT SUCCESS!!!!!

The beauty of this tiny precious pooch is that she is low maintenance!  Noell just wants to be with you!  I would even suggest you consider a Doddlebug Dog Carrier for her.  It's like a baby carrier that you strap on, but for little dogs! I say that, because she follows me wherever I go and she likes to be wrapped up and warm.  When she sits on my lap, I always cover her up with my robe or a little blanket and she is good to go!!!

Noell has been around all of my pets (2 dogs & 4 cats and 1 kitten) and she gets along with ALL of them! No chasing, no barking, no growling. . .she's an angel!  Yesterday she hung out with a 4 year old, and was a perfect lady around her.  She does whimper just a little when I put her in her crate to go to bed, but it's very short lived.  She is an awesome little pup to say the very least!  I'm guessing she will be VERY happy once it gets warm out again!!


Fast asleep!

Cute as a button!

Telling secrets with Maddie

Meeting her new housemates

Pretty tiny in Jay's big arms!

Finally. . .someone uses the new doggy pillow!

Yes. . .that's a ruler to show her tiny size!



Noell and Giz's tiny hinnies!

Tiny Noell and my GIANT Clay Mathews!  

Puppy Posse

Snuggling with Sawyer while she does her homework!  

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